Queen Mary

Monday, October 24, 2005

The culmination of my life's work.

Everyone who creates has one. A moment when all your creative energy comes pouring out and you set a standard far higher than your previous best. You realize that it may be years before you have that feeling again.

For me, the R.C.S. QUEEN MARY is that moment. She is the greatest thing I have built so far. The ultimate radio controlled boat. None of my ships have made a greater impression when they were built, and it may be some time before another ship dominates her.

Built between February and May of 2006, the Queen Mary made her Maiden Voyage on May 27, 2006 at Dobson Lake in Mesa Arizona. Exactly 70 years after the real ship began her Maiden Voyage to New York.

Far too great a prize to risk on wear and tear, she may not sail as much as my other ships, but like the biggest gem in a crown, she is to be protected and held high for all her years in my fleet.

Barrett Hochhaus